About Evorra

We’re on a mission to help brands and agencies build and scale the most valuable, addressable audiences in the world while respecting privacy and providing data-source transparency and control.

Our aspirations

Evorra seeks to make every marketer in the world, a data-driven marketer.

Advertising has funded the open Internet, and that’s mostly a good thing.  However, regulatory and technical controls struggled to keep up with the advancement of data marketing technology and consumers started forcing industry reform with ever stricter privacy policies.  Evorra has been built to support responsible data advertising where each consumer is able to grant or revoke permission for marketing activities based on their business relationships with the brands they use.

For too long, overly complicated data platforms have meant data was stuck in analyst and engineering teams in organisations. This greatly limited the ability for organisations to truly use data to build competitive advantage and create value. Also, data platforms are far too complicated and costly. We don’t believe that should be the case.

Evorra was designed to protect consumer privacy and make the ad tech industry accountable for exactly what data is used in marketing campaigns.  We wanted to put a stop to data leakage and misuse of data which did not respect the explicit contract between each brand and its end consumers.

We aspire to enable privacy compliant data to flow at scale and cost efficiently in organisations. We don’t believe the world’s data should be controlled by the few. We seek to empower all individuals in businesses to truly unlock the power of audience data; from marketing, media and advertising interns, to CMO’s and the heads of agencies. And all of this, with cost efficient approaches in mind.

Turning marketers into data marketers

  • There simply are not enough data engineers and data analysts to go around, however, data and audience solutions are typically built for them, all this does is create data and process bottlenecks in organisations.
  • Instead of building a platform for a few people in an organisation to use, Evorra wants to empower any individual in a company to confidently access, manipulate and create audience data for their day-to-day needs, simply.
  • We imagine organisations where everyone is unlocking the value of data and creating minute-by-minute value for their organisations, brands and customers. Evorra ensures compliance and privacy is respected, so businesses can get on with imagining how audience data can accelerate their businesses.
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A movement in support of the open Internet

  • The demise of the third-party cookie, while a fantastic move for privacy, could mean that the world’s internet data is controlled by the few. Monopolies have never been great, except for the monopolies themselves.
  • Without the development and adoption of decentralised services that support privacy-compliant data, brands will be fully dependent on walled gardens who have claimed the world’s first-party data as their own.
  • Supporting an open, compliant internet is about recognising the threat of monopolies and supporting independent solutions where brands have control to build and use data they choose, transparently.

Our foundations

Our five foundations sum up Evorra’s values and guidelines and define who we are, what we do and how we do it. Privacy, Integrity, Simplicity, Efficiency and Transparency are the guiding forces of our operations.

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Evorra is challenging the status quo when it comes to audience transparency, enabling privacy by design and direct brand data sourcing model.

  • Evorra does not hide where its data is coming from, or what it is made up of.
  • Users can see the source of data, how refreshed any data points are and know what data is contributing to the audience CPMs they are creating.
  • Evorra provides the tools for this transparency to occur at all points of the data journey for its users.
  • Evorra is helping to lead and set the standards in an industry which desperately needs more transparent ways of working.
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Evorra is leading by example, doing the right thing by all data. Consistently keeping it safe, not sharing and limiting its movement.

  • We respect privacy and this is why we only have compliant, addressable first-party data on our platform.
  • We are honest, we are not going to hide behind any hidden walls or bots. If there is something you’re not sure of just ask us.
  • We work across accepted global standards for data privacy and enable additional control elements via the Evorra platform.
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Our goal is to create a platform which is beautifully simple to use.

  • We have created a platform that won’t require days of training, simply sign up and off you go. It’s that simple.
  • Evorra does not stop you doing what you want to with audience data because of complex integrations or prohibitive commercial agreements. We’ve made all aspects of working with us simple.
  • For all our initial customers, Evorra will provide the resources to take on the strain and complexity when onboarding data, then, provide easy self-service tools to do so.
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We understand time and money are important to us all, this is the reason why we don’t want to waste yours nor ours.

  • Everyone is busy, and here at Evorra we want to take the load off our clients. This is why we will do all the heavy lifting such as helping to upload data for organisations looking to compliantly monetise their audiences.
  • We don’t want you spending hours and hours building out an audience, this is the reason why we created a platform that can produce rich audiences in clicks, not code.
  • We have created a platform where the user fully controls the cost of the audience. This to help ensure they meet their budget, campaign and ROI objectives.
Illustrated icon representing transparency

We are committed to providing increasing transparency on sources of data, costs attributed to any data on our platform and how data on the platform is used.

  • Only 100% compliant, addressable first-party is ever used in the Evorra marketplace, you can trust that everything is opted in.
  • You have the power to set access and usage permissions for your data when monetising it.
  • As a data monetiser, full auditing of all data use on the platform ensures that you can see exactly what data of yours is being used

The founding team

We are a team of problem solvers, engineers and mad media geniuses. We bring together decades of deep client, data, technology and commercial experience, and have come from all over the globe to create Evorra and solve the privacy and addressable, first-party data challenge.

Aaron Ritoper
Aaron Ritoper

Aaron started his career running data warehouse implementations for HP, before moving into digital commerce with Amadeus, where he led product management for what would become one of the world’s first and most successful SaaS online booking reservation systems.

Aaron then moved to join the founders of Skyscanner, driving global commercial development, global brand relationships and helping to secure major funding. Travelzoo subsequently brought Aaron in to launch and operate new media businesses in Europe. Inspired by the rise of programmatic and data driven advertising, Aaron then moved to join Sojern’s management team and led international development across EMEA and the Asia Pacific.

As the advertising industry evolved, Aaron had the vision for Evorra as a platform to empower brands to take back control of their digital audience. And so, the Evorra journey began from France, where Aaron is based.

Warren Chang
Warren Chang

Warren started his career in marketing consulting, helping clients ranging from venture-backed start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Later, he joined an online media company Travelzoo, where he held various senior leadership positions including Vice President & General Manager, Search.

During his tenure, Warren launched and managed Fly.com, which quickly became one of the premier travel sites in North America. Following Travelzoo, Warren was COO of Cox & Kings, The Americas, where he led the business transformation of the company resulting in significant growth.

Recognizing online marketers’ need for more transparent and higher quality, privacy-first data, Warren joined his co-founders to launch Evorra and is based in New York.

Piero Poli
Piero Poli

Piero started his career at Deloitte Digital establishing its first Digital Marketing function in Australia. Moving to London, Piero led strategy and commercial roles within Omnicom and Warner Music before moving to Spain with Havas Media, managing some of their largest global clients.

He was then asked to develop the digital capabilities for Havas across the Middle East. Piero grew Havas to become the third largest, multi award winning, digital agency across the Middle East in three years.

After running his own successful digital transformation and data consultancy across Europe, and spending a rewarding year co-parenting his newborn, he co-founded Evorra and is based in Melbourne Australia, leading Evorra’s commercial activities globally (and still happily co-parenting).

Evorra Advisors

Evorra is fortunate to have the guidance and supports of some of the world’s leading experts across data, data ecosystems, privacy and partnerships. We work closely with our advisors to ensure Evorra is not only making a real and positive difference to the better use of data within the ecosystem but is doing that in an innovate and user friendly way.

Strategy / Data Ecosystem

Liveramp | The Trade Desk

Steve has extensive experience in the data driven marketing sector. He is currently the Vice President of Data Partnerships for The Trade Desk covering the EMEA and APAC regions. From this position he is well placed to see emerging trends across the data ecosystem and to understand the needs of Advertisers and their Agencies as well as those trying to monetise data. Prior to joining The Trade Desk Steve led LiveRamp’s European Data business, developing extensive knowledge of the Identity landscape – an area driving massive change in the industry. Steve also acts as an Independent Advisor to HMRC (the UK tax authority) in the area of customer experience and the use of data.

Legal and Privacy

DMI International | IAPP

Agathe is a trained lawyer with over 10 years experience in the digital and privacy space. Working with global organisations including Vodafone, she has helped lead the creation of guidelines for engineers to understand how to implement EU privacy recommendations and regulation. A regular conference speaker on the requirements of technical organisations with data and privacy, she also writes extensively on privacy and teaches privacy regulation including GDPR across Europe in multiple languages. Agathe holds 2 master’s in business law in the UK and in Spain and is a certified privacy professional from the IAPP. She is also part of the certification board of the IAPP for the last 5 years.

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