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Evorra makes it easy to securely monetise your company data without compromising privacy across the increasingly complex ID landscape.

Image showing multiple people with data profiles Image showing multiple people with data profiles

Why monetise your audiences on Evorra?

Monetisation options for data providers will become increasingly scarce due to the data and regulatory changes sweeping the internet. Evorra provides a safe, compliant and increasingly scaled way to maintain and increase yield from data monetisation. We do this by leveraging the latest clean-room technologies and approaches to help ensure compliance and scale, while overcoming the many limitations of clean-rooms today.

Evorra has been designed for brands who care about protecting consumer privacy.  Some organisations may choose to license their marketing data without clean room data protections, but that’s taking unnecessary risks and does not reflect an understanding that each marketing action must be rooted in consumer trust and confidence that the businesses they frequent will only facilitate marketing where it is reasonable and relevant.

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Stay in control

Keep full control over your data with Evorra’s scaled Data Clean Room approach
  • Data is stored in a Data Clean Room that only you control, and you directly manage your data permissions and exclusions, down to a domain level
  • Your data is never moved on the Evorra platform when you collaborate with other companies ensuring greater privacy compliance
  • You’ll get transparent data logs to always track when your data is used
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Increase your data’s value

Evorra makes your data more valuable for advertisers which increases value back to your company
  • We connect your data across multiple industries seamlessly ensuring that every time your data is used, you’re remunerated
  • We offer a user experience that allows anyone to build scaled audiences without technical knowledge, this increases the use and monetisation of your data
  • We offer data transparency that gives data users on the platform confidence and allows your organisation to connect with the client using the data
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Scaled marketplace

Enable monetisation across many brands

Evorra is an international first-party data marketplace that serves all types of advertisers and their campaign objectives
  • More than just programmatic advertising, Evorra connects with a range of activation platforms to maximise monetisation potential
  • Evorra brings together data across many geolocations, which is perfect for multinational brands looking for audiences globally
  • We ensure all our data providers are remunerated whenever any of their data is used to build an audience, regardless if the data was a deterministic ID or a shopping intent signal

Even more reasons

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Absolute simplicity

It is simple for Data Providers to onboard data into their data clean-room via a secure Evorra pixel, or direct server-to-server integration. We handle all data mapping and normalisation to maximise revenue generation.

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Maintain visibility and control

Maintain 100% control over your data with fine-tuned permission allocation, simple rule enforcement, and real-time visibility on data performance through your custom, Evorra dashboard. 

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Secure, cloud-based solution

All your data is stored safely on Evorra within an AWS environment.  This allows for common data integrations and world-class security which is all backed by battle-tested AWS hardware.

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Why partner with Evorra?

Our promise to our Data Providers is that we will provide the up most transparency and control for any data they wish to monetise on the Evorra platform. We do not believe in opaque or one-way data relationships. We want our Data Providers to feel they know exactly what is happening with their data, what’s working and what isn’t. This is so we can both work to ensure control and maximise yield.

Common questions

Evorra works closely with our data providers to assist them in building privacy-first, deterministic data sets which they can then look to monetise compliantly. This is achieved by utilising some of the latest, secure ID solutions on the market and in parallel, looking at how more brand focused deterministic variables can be collected where there is transparency and value for the data providers and the consumer. 

The major reason for data monetisation for companies is to create additional revenue streams. Companies also monetise their data to uncover and create data partnerships of benefit with other companies who have complementary data sets.

Data is not sold on the marketplace, it is licensed for the specific purpose of building audiences for digital marketing campaign activation. Evorra is a marketplace which enables Data Providers to monetise their data. We provide the platform for companies who are looking for first-party data at scale for marketing campaigns to find and activate that data. We enable this exchange to happen in-line with the rules and controls a Data Provider creates for their data. We don’t do anything a Data Provider hasn’t allowed.

Yes, many companies monetise their data across several platforms to maximise yield. What you will increasingly find is that existing monetisation partners may not handle PII properly and will become less lucrative at best, and a privacy risk at worst. Platforms like Evorra are the future of data monetisation which is scaled, secure and privacy compliant.

We have streamlined two of the most difficult aspects of monetising data.

Firstly, the technical approach to enabling your data to be live on Evorra is incredibly easy. Difficult and cumbersome integration processes with other platforms have been simplified to enable companies to choose one of several easy ways to enable their data on Evorra. These include API integrations, secure data uploads as a batch process and even a fully secure pixel.

Secondly, we’ve made the process of visibility to set rules around your data use simple, fully transparent and fully auditable. All this creates peace of mind for both technical teams and legal / DPO teams.

Evorra ensures multiple levels of data safety and security for all Data Providers and Data Clients on the platform.

Firstly, Evorra’s data clean-room infrastructure sits inside an AWS S3 framework, offering some of the highest levels of security available. Client data does not leave a client’s clean room, with only a representation of that data ever made available for interrogation and audience creation within Evorra.

All Data Providers will be able to overlay granular licensing rules to their data which offers an additional layer of security on who can and cannot build audiences from it. Evorra is also currently in the process of securing ISO 27001 Certification.

Enabling your data on Evorra can be achieved via API integrations, secure data uploads as a batch process and even a fully secure pixel for total simplicity and peace of mind.

That really does depend on the quality & quantity of your data and the price you want to sell the data at. You need to find the right balance to generate the most in monetisation. What we will ensure however, is that you are fully aware of how your data is performing on the marketplace so you can optimise revenue generation. We will also recommend the optimal price for data on the platform to strike a balance between demand and supply pricing.

Evorra only deals with fully consented first-party data, so if it ticks that box then that is a great start. Send us a sample of the data to test and we will then tell you what we can and can’t use. We are constantly expanding on what we are selling on the platform, sign up to our newsletter here to keep up with all the latest developments.

This is really simple to do. You control this all from your Data Vault. You can restrict who can have access to your data by industry or domain within a few minutes.

Make your data work for you

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