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Evorra empowers every marketer

From the marketing intern to the CMO, if you’re looking to access and build transparent, privacy compliant and addressable first-party audiences at scale, Evorra can make that happen.

Why build audiences on Evorra?

Audience building at scale is going to become increasingly difficult and problematic. Organisations rarely have enough internal audience data to meet their growth requirements let alone find new audiences easily. Often, internal data is complicated to access, structure and use – even for the data engineers in the business. Evorra solves that.

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Ease of use

Beautifully simple

Evorra is for marketers — not data scientists
  • Evorra’s simplicity lies in enabling virtually anyone to build powerful, addressable digital audiences. We don’t make you reliant on internal technical experts but empower your media, marketing and agency teams at all levels.
  • We make it easy to understand how the solution works, by offering a simple set-up, easy to activate audiences and a user friendly way for you to collaborate on building audiences with colleagues and agencies.
  • Seamless ability to build and activate audiences across some of the most important activation platforms for your brand including publishers, DSPs and mobile.
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Real, transparent data

A genuine source of truth

Evorra is an amazing source of transparent addressable data, from reputable brands
  • No more guessing, you can actually trust the data sources for the audiences you want. You can now know where your data is coming from via Evorra’s Data Transparency Card.
  • Quick, easy access to addressable, normalised data — no long implementation bottlenecks.
  • You can rest assured that all the data available on Evorra has the right data privacy and user consent, directly provided by the brands who are custodians for that data.
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Take control of data driven ROI

Evorra drives return on advertising spend that you can actually understand and replicate
  • Spend is justified by knowing the source of the audiences you build – you’ll know exactly what you’re buying, every time.
  • Having full data transparency means you can optimise your audiences as you know the variables which went into building them.
  • Exclude your own audiences from the Evorra audiences you build to identify and activate incremental audiences.
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Flexible pricing model

Evorra doesn’t lock you in technically, nor financially
  • Unlike other similar solutions, you don’t have to undertake any large, complicated commercial agreement to be up and running from day one. Pay for the audiences you consume, and that’s it.
  • We don’t lock you into any technical approaches, alternative ID solutions, complex integrations or the need to hire anyone to get the full benefits of our marketplace.

Even more reasons

Illustration showing collaboration between users

Collaboration built in

Build and maintain your audiences in conjunction with other agencies and teams to allow for efficiency and speed in audience activation.  

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Efficient, scalable activation

Integrate an increasing number of major, global activation platforms which are relevant to you.  Activate easily across as many as you wish in a few clicks. 

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Secure, cloud-based solution

All your audiences are available safely in Evorra via our beautifully simple SaaS platform whenever and wherever you need them.

Build your own bespoke, addressable segments

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Travel & Tourism

  • Travel intenders
  • Luxury travellers
  • Rail, air, sea travel intenders
  • Booked travellers
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  • Family household shoppers
  • Sports fanatics
  • Premium shoppers
  • Ready-to-buy segments
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Entertainment & Lifestyle

  • Luxury and Premium segments
  • Millenial / Gen Z consumer segments
  • Fashion intenders
  • Culture seekers

Common questions

Our audience are truly transparent, nothing is hidden. We only deal with addressable and fully compliant first-party data. So you don’t need to worry about pre-packaged audiences from unknown data sources that may not have consent. We pride ourselves on our simplicity, you don’t need be a data scientist or specialist to be able to create complex audiences quickly and easily on Evorra.

CDPs are great for the audiences that exist inside your organisation. If you want to create audiences using addressable, first-party data outside of your own data set, then Evorra makes it simple to do that.

Evorra will be full of opted in, addressable first-party data outside of the native audiences you may use now on DSPs like DV360. You can use Evorra audiences alongside these native audiences, we work great together.

Of course. You can create new addressable, first-party audiences on Evorra without the need to share nor upload any of your own data. Once you do have first-party data, Evorra makes it easy to use that in your own secure data vault as well.

For the next few months, Evorra is working on an invite only basis with select brands. If you’d like to join some of the world’s best known brands and build fully transparent audiences, you can request a demo and one of our team will be in touch. When we connect, we’d be more than happy to tell you all about the easy and efficient ways to sign-up.

Absolutely. Evorra does not force you to share your data. You have complete control of your data and how you or others use it.

Evorra has implemented several levels of data privacy checks to ensure that all the data on the platform is compliant. All our data providers are thoroughly vetted via legal and technical processes to ensure any data they provide is opted-in. Also, Evorra provides granular licensing capability to all data providers to make sure their data is only made available to those who are allowed to use it. From a process and technical perspective, Evorra is registered with the IAB’s TCV v2.0 standards on the use of consented data and we ensure we are up-to-date with the regulatory and Data Privacy announcements as that framework evolves. We only allow 100% compliant opted-in first-party data on our platform. Nothing else.

You don’t need any intense training, or be a data scientist to use our platform. It is a highly intuitive platform and we have even created a super slick first time user guide to help you along the way if you do get a little stuck.

Addressable, privacy-first audiences at scale

Simple, private and transparent. Get back in full control of your audiences with Evorra.

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