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The online ad industry has changed. Evorra is part of changing it for the better.

Illustrated graphic showing the Evorra platform Illustrated graphic showing the Evorra platform

Simplicity. Decentralisation. Transparency.

Evorra makes it simple to build sizeable audiences, via dozens of global data partnerships which are fully privacy compliant. No complicated data onboarding nor data engineering expertise are required.

Built on the latest clean-room technology, Evorra enables data from multiple partners to be fully anonymised, normalised and then used to build audiences with a minimal movement of data philosophy.

Evorra works across an increasing number of privacy compliant data and ID standards to offer brands and agencies the upmost flexibility with audience building, matching and activation.

For owners of data who have the explicit right to monetise that data, Evorra offers a global, secure and fully private marketplace for that to occur which offers full transparency and control

Illustration showing a person with opted-in data

Know the source, consent and make-up of your audience data, be assured that it is privacy compliant.

  • All audience data on Evorra meets industry standards when it comes to privacy, compliance and opt-in
  • Know the audiences you’re building through granular, additional meta data about them
  • Data Transparency Cards are provided for every audience built to provide even more assurance of the exact nature of audiences you are building
Illustration showing links between people and audiences

Evorra enables bespoke audiences to be built with ease. The platform is so simple, in less than 5 minutes anyone can build audiences at scale.

  • An intuitive user interface enables audiences to be built easily
  • The interface immediately surfaces how your data choices influence audience price to ensure full audience cost control
  • In a couple of clicks, audiences built can be enabled on a range of activation platforms
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Evorra ensures a brand or agency does not need to compromise scale or privacy when utilising audience data for their online marketing and advertising needs.

  • Evorra data partners are some of the largest brands in the world, who have ensure they are fully compliant with the use of their data
  • Evorra is signing up new, premium data partnerships monthly all across the globe
  • Activation platforms are continually being added to the Evorra platform to ensured scaled audiences can be activated where our clients need

Solutions across the audience value chain

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For data clients

If you’re looking to access and build transparent and privacy compliant audiences at scale, Evorra can make that happen.

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For data providers

Evorra makes it easy to securely monetise your audience data without compromising privacy.

Our technology and activation partners include

Display & Video 360
Havas Media Middle East

At Evorra, we work closely with a growing number of the most trusted activation platforms and technology partners in the industry.

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