For Agency Teams

Compliant data from reputable brands

Designed with agencies in mind, Evorra has built a platform to provide a rich pool of compliant and addressable first-party audiences.

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Leverage quality, addressable and compliant data

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Access to compliant, transparent and addressable first-party data

The golden ticket of compliant, addressable first-party data, with some of the biggest brands and publishers providing data ready to be used in your client’s next campaign.

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Accelerate bespoke audience building to drive agency efficiency

Easily build, share and leverage audiences for campaigns. Build and activate an audience in under 5 minutes and create custom audiences specific to your client’s needs.

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Fuel your campaigns across your key channels

Activate audiences across major DSP’s and activation channels. Evorra is continually onboarding new activation partners to enable global and local relevance.

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A simple, intuitive interface

A simple audience building tool that makes it easy to quickly and easily create audiences for your clients.

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Addressable, opt-ed in audiences

All data providers are first-party owners of their data, collecting consent according to local regulation. Consent is systematically verified for every profile on Evorra.

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Collaboration built-in

Build and maintain your audiences in conjunction with your client and media teams.

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A growing pool of regional and global audiences

Access to the ever growing list of addressable audiences in the Evorra marketplace and upload audiences on behalf of your clients for exclusion.

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The latest data clean-room technology

Know that your clients data will be safe and sound in our state of the art data vaults. We pseudo-anonymise and fully secure raw data to protect consumer identities. 

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Secure, cloud-based, global SaaS solution

All audiences are accessed easily and stored securely in Evorra, backed by battle-tested AWS hardware.

A marketplace which works


of all audiences on the Evorra marketplace are fully compliant for the use by our agencies and brands.


of new audiences are being made available on the Evorra platform every month, globally.

Accelerate your media campaign success

Demand for the Evorra platform is exploding. Join the journey and own your data-driven media campaigns.

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