Evorra partners with AppsFlyer to power compliant data collaboration

20 September 2023
Team Evorra

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Evorra’s global partnership with AppsFlyer’s Data Clean room solution drives compliant data collaboration for brands and agencies globally

We are really excited to announce our Data Clean Room partnership and integration with AppsFlyer, the world’s leading mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform. Through our partnership, AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room customers will have a greater ability to enrich data and enhance insights, activation and measurement leveraging Evorra’s leading, global data set.

In today’s data-driven world, where insights fuel innovation, responsible collaboration is paramount. Our Data Clean Room partnerships establish a secure place where data-informed insights and privacy protection converge harmoniously. By prioritizing both the power of analytics and the sanctity of individual privacy, we are setting a new standard for ethical data utilization, fostering industry collaboration, and enabling businesses to navigate the data landscape with confidence.

Edik Mitelman, General Manager Privacy Cloud, AppsFlyer

Partnering with AppsFlyer’s Data clean room is the first of several new global partnerships Evorra will be announcing as it helps to bring the world of digital marketing, targeting, measurement and optimisation into a more compliant future.

Partnering with leading technologies like AppsFlyer, via a clean room approach, is fundamental to how brands and agencies will need to approach data collaboration moving forward. Evorra is excited about the partnership and value it can bring to both our Data Partners and AppsFlyer’s DCR clients given the scale and scope of our respective client and data footprints. Most of all, the expanded data enrichment, insight, measurement and performance outcomes from the partnership can occur in a secure and privacy compliant technical and data framework, which is crucial.

Aaron Ritoper, CEO and Co-founder, Evorra