For Monetisation Leads

Convenient, secure, easy data monetisation

Designed with monetisation leads in mind, Evorra has simplified every to step in order to monetise data in an easy and compliant way.

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Easily leverage your quality data

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Let Evorra do the heavy lifting when onboarding your data via easy pixel implementation or data uploads.

Once you have decided what data you would like to make available on the Evorra marketplace, Evorra will take over and map, cleanse, anonymise and normalise your data.

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Get accurate insights into how your data is performing

Get detailed insight on the performance of your data in the marketplace from your own dashboard.

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Attractive monetisation arrangements

Maximise your monetisation gains and enable your data to be leveraged by an ever-increasing number of global brands within the Evorra marketplace.

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A simple, intuitive interface

Within a click, set rules and permission of which brands can and can’t access your data.

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Total transparency

Have access to insights that include what and how brands have used your data and how much your data has generated in revenue.

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Have the ability to know exactly how your data was used to build which audiences.

Illustration showing unlimited audiences

Unlimited audiences

Ability to upload as much or as little data as you want into your data clean room to be used in the Evorra marketplace.

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The latest data vault technology

All data will be stored safely in your very own data clean room, with easy-to-configure data licensing rules on what you do and do not want to share.

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Secure, cloud-based solution

All your data is stored safely in Evorra, backed by battle-tested AWS hardware.

A marketplace which works


of all audiences on the Evorra marketplace are fully compliant for the use by our agencies and brands.


of new audiences are being made available on the Evorra platform every month, globally.

Accelerate your data monetisation

Demand for the Evorra platform is exploding. Join the journey and own your data monetisation approach.

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