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For decades, brands have been fuelling their ability to digitally market at scale via non-transparent and poor, 3rd party data. Why, because it was plentiful, it worked well enough and it was inexpensive.

The appetite for this data grew to 90 billion USD globally in 2019. But the party is about to end.

3rd party data has been disappearing for a while. It falls off a cliff in 2022 and 2023 because Google is also shutting it off for anyone using their Chrome browser. However brands will need to continue marketing at scale with data. So the question is, where will transparent, privacy compliant and scaled data for brands come from? The Evorra platform answers that problem.

The Problem

Why is 3rd Party Data disappearing?

3rd party data has never been great. It is non-transparent and has been at the centre of many issues regarding ad safety and privacy online. This is part of the reason why legislation like GDPR in Europe and CCPA in the US have been enacted. It was only a matter of time before the broader internet began questioning the nature of 3rd party data. That time has come, 3rd party data is now being phased out and new, privacy centric solutions like Evorra are taking its place.

How much of a problem is it really?

3rd party data has been one of the foundation stones of today’s internet. It plays a role in enabling everything from global digital marketing to safety and personalisation online. Neutralising 3rd party data means a new breed of privacy-by-design solutions have to emerge to keep the internet working in the ways we have become accustomed.

How will Evorra provide a solution to this?

Evorra will enable brands to keep marketing at scale online without the need for 3rd party data. Utilising only permission based 1st party data, Evorra will enable brands to leverage this data and drive activities including insight generation, campaign optimisation and campaign activation across DSPs, major online publishers (Google, Facebook, Twitter) and even Connected TV. All data on the Evorra platform will live in a brand or publisher’s ‘clean room’ or ‘data vault’ ensuring no raw data is ever shared.

Our Solution

The Evorra marketplace will provide ‘data-as-a-service’ (DaaS) at scale for brands which is permission based.

After 3rd party data disappears, only 1st party data will be left to market precisely and at scale. Launching in 2022, Evorra will be the world’s largest, privacy compliant, opt-in and fully transparent marketplace for 1st party data. Evorra will bring quality audiences to brands via a highly efficient model and enable organisations with the right to monetise their 1st party data on a global platform to do so. Brands can either discover and build totally new 1st Party audiences on Evorra or securely upload and enrich their own 1st party data for insight and activation.

Build quality, scaled, 1st party audiences globally

Easily identify, build and activate quality 1st party data audiences at scale

All Evorra audiences are fully opt-in and compliant to local privacy regimes

Ability to upload, enrich and activate brand-owned 1PD audiences

Enable full data transparency, control, privacy and safety

Full control and secure SOC-2 compliant environment for all platform data

Ability for users to set and manage all access and usage permissions for data

Full logs of all activity at an ID level enables tracking and a complete audit trail

Drive insight, activation and monetisation

Build deeply qualitative insight segments based on real audiences at scale

Build scaled, high-quality audiences to activate across all major platforms

Monetise none, some or all owned and permission verified, 1st party data

What our supporters are saying

Evorra has been talking to heads of marketing, data, brand, media, publishing and data monetisation globally. Here’s what a few of them are saying.

About Us

Aaron Ritoper

Aaron started his career running data warehouse implementations for HP, before moving into digital commerce with Amadeus, where he led product management for what would become one of the world’s first and most successful SaaS online booking reservation systems. Aaron then moved to join the founders of Skyscanner, driving global commercial development, global brand relationships and helping to secure major funding. Travelzoo subsequently brought Aaron in to launch and operate new media businesses in Europe. Inspired by the rise of programmatic and data driven advertising, Aaron then moved to join Sojern’s management team and led international development across EMEA and the Asia Pacific. As the advertising industry evolved, Aaron had the vision for Evorra as a platform to empower brands to take back control of their digital audience. And so, the Evorra journey began from France, where Aaron is based.

Marc Campora

Marc started his career working on rocket science projects for the French navy. Yes, the Evorra technology team is literally led by a former rocket scientist. As the web began to boom, the lure of rockets was not as strong as the burgeoning internet and Marc joined Amadeus where he first met Aaron. Together, they led the design of a sort of Shopify for airlines, the first in the world of its kind. Later on Marc was able to build and develop high performing technology and engineering teams of over 1,000 people focusing on the design of several B2B SaaS solutions for corporations in the travel sector. Marc led the enterprise architecture practice at Amadeus as well as being a technical leader in its machine learning and AI initiatives. Reconnecting with Aaron, Marc is now excited by the challenges of privacy-first data at scale for the world and is located in southern France.

Warren Chang

Warren started his career in marketing consulting, helping clients ranging from venture-backed start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Later, he joined an online media company Travelzoo, where he held various senior leadership positions including Vice President & General Manager, Search. During his tenure, Warren launched and managed Fly.com, which quickly became one of the premier travel sites in North America. Following Travelzoo, Warren was COO of Cox & Kings, The Americas, where he led the business transformation of the company resulting in significant growth. Recognizing online marketers’ need for more transparent and higher quality, privacy-first data, Warren joined his co-founders to launch Evorra and is based in New York.

Piero Poli

Piero started his career at Deloitte Digital establishing its first Digital Marketing function in Australia. Moving to London, Piero led strategy and commercial roles within Omnicom and Warner Music before moving to Spain with Havas Media, managing some of their largest global clients. He was then asked to develop the digital capabilities for Havas across the Middle East. Piero grew Havas to become the third largest, multi award winning, digital agency across the Middle East in three years. After running his own successful digital transformation and data consultancy across Europe, and spending a rewarding year co-parenting his newborn, he co-founded Evorra and is based in Melbourne Australia, leading Evorra’s commercial activities globally (and still happily co-parenting).

Why Evorra

Register and then search, build or enrich quality 1st party audiences at scale

Collaborate with agencies or colleagues on the building of audiences easily

Generate insights from the audiences built and activate audiences directly from Evorra

See how activated audiences perform via Evorra and use learning from ongoing enhancements

I’d like to find out more

I am a brand and want to build real, first party audiences at scale for insight and activation. How will evorra benefit me?

Easily integrate with Evorra to upload your permission based data for monetisation

Have Evorra cleanse, anonymise and normalise your data so it is easily searchable

Benefit from attractive monetisation arrangements to maximise your return on data

Become directly connected to top, global brands and facilitate both marketplace deals and bespoke, one-on-one deals

I’d like to find out more

I have first party data and the permission to monetise that data. How will evorra benefit me?

Work with leading ML and AI approaches on scaled, global data solutions

Forge world leading ways to protect the privacy of data

Work with a global team from day one and be part of a rapidly growing business

Make a difference and impact on how Evorra evolves

I’d like to find out more

What you guys are doing sounds interesting. I’d like to find out more about the employment opportunities at evorra.