Evorra partners with PubMatic to deliver compliant, addressable audiences globally

21 March 2023
Piero Poli

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Global partnership enables both scale and cross-DSP interoperability 

We are excited to announce our global partnership with PubMatic. PubMatic’s independent technology infrastructure is one of the leaders in delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future and enabling compliant and addressable audience building at scale. The synergies between it and Evorra’s vision of delivering a next-generation audience approach for agencies and brands are electric.

With the data and privacy landscape continually evolving, brands require data marketing technology solutions that enable them to protect consumer privacy on an individual level. Meanwhile, the same data needs to be easily accessed by marketing teams to enable them to remain agile and use the data to build competitive advantage and value.

We’re delighted to partner with PubMatic and bring their sell-side platform  and Connect technology to our clients to enable them to achieve their marketing goals in a privacy-first way. PubMatic’s leading technology allows our global clients to easily build and create Deal IDs within the Evorra platform  to activate on the demand-side platform of their choice while maintaining security, compliance and addressability of the audiences created

Aaron Ritoper, co-founder and CEO of Evorra

PubMatic’s integration into Evorra increases the scope for brands to reach incremental audiences, at scale. Brands also benefit from the breadth and depth of PubMatic’s global, premium inventory and audiences. Evorra’s clients can leverage the segments they build on Evorra to reach target audiences via PubMatic, seamlessly and in a fully privacy-safe way. 

First-party data is a brand’s most valuable asset for maximising digital marketing performance. By partnering with Evorra, we have made it easier for brands to harness the value of this data. Our sell-side technology and targeting capabilities to more brands, in combination with Evorra’s data marketing solutions, helps brands activate data and get more out of their digital advertising and technology investments.

Mark Williams, Senior Director, Audience Solutions, EMEA at PubMatic