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21 January 2022
Aaron Ritoper

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An overview

The global, digital advertising and marketing data-ecosystem is changing and we need to make sure it changes for the better.

For decades, brands have fuelled their ability to market at scale online via poor quality, cheap, 3rd-party data. This data is disappearing. Technology and regulatory changes are coming into force to eradicate this data as the industry has failed to apply the right controls on it thus far. However, brands have built a 200 billion USD appetite for this kind of data, and that’s not going to disappear. Brands and agencies will need to continue marketing at scale online. New, privacy compliant data & data platforms are urgently needed.

This is why we created Evorra.

We couldn’t sit back and watch consumer data continue being used in the poor manner in which it had, nor the future of data on the internet being controlled by only a few parties. A better way forward had to be created.

Aaron Ritoper
Co-founder / CEO / Evorra

Evorra is built for control

Evorra makes sure that marketing data has real time data-owner controls to maximise transparency and auditability. 

We are able to meet these requirements by building the Evorra platform on state of the art “data-mesh” clean room technology.  Essentially what we’re doing is making sure that Evorra is a private extension of each company’s data environment.  We also systematically check all data profiles for consumer privacy consent.  No data can be used without the system validating and recording that the right permissions, including advertiser rules, have been applied.  Consent verification is part of the service so one doesn’t have to rely upon individuals or external vendors to comply with local laws.  Data usage is recorded in a secure permanent data ledger, and is always there for future reference.

Evorra is built for simplicity

We didn’t want to build another complex engineering data service.  Instead, our vision was to offer strong clean room infrastructure services, yet democratise the use of marketing data.  We aim to give everyone in a marketing organisation data-super-powers, with no more data-analyst bottlenecks.  By making the process intuitive and visual, the marketing intern (or the CMO 😉 ) can easily create and enable a relevant marketing audience on the activation platform of choice – within 5 minutes.

Evorra is built to work everywhere

Interoperability across the media value chain is a cornerstone of how we are building Evorra. It is not in a brand’s interest to be painted into yet another technology corner. Evorra works within and outside of walled-garden media environments and across an increasing number of new, compliancy-first, global ID solutions.  In effect, we wanted to empower each brand to control its digital destiny by enabling them to make independent choices on where they choose to reach and engage with their marketing audiences. And not have to worry about implementing or integrating a specific data partner.

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If compliant, scaled data is crucial for your brands or agencies online advertising activity moving forward, we’d love to hear from you. If partnering with new, privacy-first platforms to monetise your opt-ed in data is important for you, get in touch. We have just started this exciting, socially responsible way to market with data online, we look forward to you joining us.

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