Optimising for simplicity when choosing next-gen, compliant audience tech

10 January 2023
Piero Poli

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We’ve spoken and worked with hundreds of brands and agencies globally on their privacy-compliant, addressable audience needs. Ensuring compliance is a given, it is simplicity that is the main optimising factor when deciding which audience adtech partners they now want to work with. 

Here are the top five reasons why.

1. Cost savings. Not additional cost burden.

There is little appetite for spending tens of thousands of dollars before a new technology can even be used.  Especially in what is looking like a very tough 2023 for businesses globally. Complex audience platforms mean lengthy implementation timelines and sunk costs in license fees before agencies and brands even push out their first audience. Many companies we’ve talked to have been burnt trying to get complex, costly systems off the ground. They are now looking for solutions where they can control costs from the get-go and only incur costs as they scale.

Evorra’s approach: We are pure B2B SaaS where our agencies and brands have full granularity and transparency on any data costs and they decide how much compliant, addressable audience data at which CPM, they wish to use. 

2. Empower the marketing team. Not the Data Scientists. 

Overly complex technology means hiring ‘experts and consultants’ to implement and run it. This is difficult as there is an additional P&L burden and finding the right expertise is a challenge. One client shared how they had previously chosen ‘complex tech’ which ended up being a waste of time and resources and eventually, demotivating for their teams. It ‘sat in a corner’ not being used. Audience adtech needs to be built for the use cases of the day-to-day media manager or marketer. It has to empower them from day one, not be reliant on an individual who will just become a data bottleneck in the business. 

Evorra’s approach: We’ve worked with literally hundreds of brands and agencies to build Evorra. We’ve also spent over 20 years in the digital media and audience space as a founding team. We’ve lived the use cases and have built Evorra for all data-driven marketers so they can use it from “minute-1” of going live.

3. Build and send compliant audiences in under 5 minutes. Any longer is too long.

Any solution which takes an agency or a brand longer to do what they do today is dead on arrival. The compliant audience space is technically complex. But, that shouldn’t be a user’s problem. A solution that surfaces or adds additional complexity for the end user is not a solution, it is a weight. Agency and brand teams have hundreds of tasks to do every day. The need for simple solutions which understand how to deliver these tasks in simple ways is paramount. 

Evorra’s approach: The Evorra platform lets anyone in a business build and send addressable, compliant audiences to any activation platform in under 5 minutes (often, less than 1 minute).

4. Focus on the most important functionality. Not bells and whistles. 

Some technologies do a million things but are used for only a couple of core use cases. The problem is, a company ends up paying for the ‘million things’. Another large client of ours shared a story where their business took 12 months to implement a very costly and complicated piece of new audience tech. Two people in their business then went on a 5-day training course to be able to ‘learn’ how to use the platform. They returned and only ever used a couple of core aspects of the platform. The rest were too specific, difficult and not used. 

Evorra’s approach: We’ve kept it simple. Evorra lets brands and agencies transparently build exactly the compliant, addressable audience they want and send it exactly where they want. The platform gets out of the way, so marketers can do what they need to do. 

5. Make it seamlessly work with my other core technologies.

It is not real interoperability if it takes months of complex work to make it work. It is also not interoperable if it works with ‘Google’ but not with Meta, Amazon Ads or other major platforms which are important. A big frustration for agencies and brands is when they are sold that a platform is interoperable, only to realise that it takes months of custom engineering for the interoperability promise to be delivered. Often, it is only partially delivered. 

Evorra’s approach: We have made sure it just works. Integrating an agency’s activation platforms into Evorra is literally the click of a few buttons; building an audience from scratch and sending it where you want takes less than 5 minutes.

Some of the most successful companies in the world were started and built on the promise of simplicity. Why? Because delivering simplicity that works creates immediate value for users. Our philosophy at Evorra is exactly the same. If you haven’t been in touch yet, please do, we’d love to share more.