We’ve scaled to over 300 million profiles. A new milestone for Evorra and our clients

24 February 2023
Aaron Ritoper

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Evorra has achieved another major milestone as we continue to help build the infrastructure to ensure the compliant use of data online for consumers, brands and agencies

Evorra’s data marketplace is now one of the largest platforms for privacy-safe cookieless marketing profiles. This growth comes as Evorra partners with the world’s leading brands to simplify the way advertisers can discover, segment, and enable consented deterministic marketing profiles on their preferred media channel.

Agencies and brands that have doubled down on making audience strategy a competitive advantage have taken notice as Evorra surpasses 300 million privacy-first profiles. While Evorra’s no nonsense, easy to use automated workflow has grabbed the attention of digital marketing experts, it’s the absolute scaled profile reach across Europe, the US, and the Middle East that is the real game changer.

As the $200 billion data advertising market is confronted by the brutal reality that their legacy cookie based targeting businesses are fast becoming obsolete.  At first, most of the industry believed that Google would ultimately be the one to kill the cookie, yet now it’s apparent that there are other reasons why scaled privacy-safe marketing profiles are becoming essential.

  • The cookie is the wrong technology for protecting consumer privacy so legacy data services are no longer fit for purpose.
    1. Consumer data privacy is non negotiable.  The wild west of marketing data usage is over, and regulatory pressure on digital privacy is a global trend.
    2. While it may be counterintuitive, privacy must depend on more stable, deterministic IDs to ensure consumer consent or opt-out is properly assigned to each online user.
    3. Legacy cookie targeting services were never designed to control personal data and protect user deterministic IDs.
  • ROAS not Google will be the cookie killer.
    1. Cookies make it hard to know your audience and drive business outcomes.
      1. Cookies make it hard to stop impressing the same user with ads, whereas deterministic profiles that are linked to specific privacy consent are designed for better targeting control.
      2. For the same reasons, advertisers can manage clearer behavioral segmentation and audience insight with deterministic IDs.
  • Your own first-party data isn’t enough.
    1. Clever segmentation of a company’s own marketing data makes sense, but such projects don’t solve the problem of where to find the next million new customers.

Ask us how you can leverage our scaled privacy-safe audience marketplace for your digital campaigns. My team and I would love to share with you how.